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My Sydney girl,

The day came, it was May 23rd, 2012…

It was sunny and bright. A beautiful day like the rest in San Diego.

It was about 4:00pm and I started feeling a little cramp. I thought, “Maybe that’s a contraction? Beats me!” I didn’t know what they were supposed to feel like. A few days before that my mucus plug came out and I didn’t think much of it. I knew it could be days or weeks once that came out. I had a doctors appointment a few days prior and he told me he thought you would come a week early because you had already dropped. (Your due date was May 31st, by the way). Your auntie Nora was driving into town to hang out with us. Daddy was at work and I was just chillin’ at our tiny apartment. I texted daddy and told him how I was having some contractions, but didn’t think they were that intense. He was way to excited to hear any news, so he took off from work and came home. We hung out an decided to go for a walk. The contractions kept happening. Since Nora was coming into town, we told her to meet us at Ihop, which was down about 2 miles from us and decided to walk there. I ate some pancakes and contractions continued, but we were all just hanging out. We walked back home and all hung out. I made a turkey spinach sandwich and drank some tea.

It was about 9:00pm and we were starting to get tired. I decided to lay down and sleep but the contractions were getting harder and closer together. Daddy was so funny. He’s always so chill and carefree but that night he was timing the contractions on his phone and freaking out every time I would get up from the bed. He was acting like he had to deliver you with his own two hands. Haha. Which wasn’t a bad idea. ;)

I couldn’t really sleep since the contractions were waking me. I rocked on the birthing ball and really wanted to stay home as long as I could. Our hospital was close by, only about 3 miles away so I wasn’t too worried. I slept on and off while getting up and sitting on the birthing ball and breathing through my contractions.

May 24th, 2012 at 1:00am they were a little closer and daddy INSISTED we go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go but did so just so I could confirm what I already knew. I knew I was only a few centimeters and didn’t want to labor at hospital. Sure enough, they checked me and I was at a 1 cm. I asked if I could go back home and they said yes.

We went back to our apartment and labored another 5-6 hours. I was so comfortable there. I had my bed and birthing ball and drank some water. At around 7:00am, my contractions were pretty close together, not unbearable, but we decided to call our doctor. He told us to go to the hospital. We went and got checked in and I was at a 5cm when we went to our room. We had an awesome female nurse and another male student nurse. They were both excited for us and supportive of our “birth plan”. I asked not be connected to IV’s, and they gave me a hep-lock and allowed me to bring in my birthing ball and fake candles to create a calm and soothing environment. I don’t think we ever set those up, but I still felt pretty calm. We dimmed the lights and I labored for another few hours. I used the technique of hypnobabies, meditating and moaning. I saw “contractions” as “waves” and “rode” them as they came and went. I labored for another good 6 hours. Remember that turkey sandwich I made?! I puked it up. I thought I would puke throughout my whole labor but thankfully it was just that one time.

At around 2:00pm daddy thought it would be cool to come and eat a tuna sandwich. DISGUSTING. The smell grossed me and that was pretty much one of the few times I opened my eyes. Hello, I was in “THE ZONE.” I could feel the contractions getting much stronger. I kept moaning through them and daddy was amazing and kept encouraging me telling me how awesome I was doing. I was mostly on the birthing ball rocking but once I was at a 7-8cm I had to lie on my side. You decided to turn in the womb so I had some horrible back labor for a few hours. I kept breathing through them and moaning deep. I remember grabbing on the hospital bed a few times when they were getting intense.

The student nurse kept coming in and trying to interview me. He thought it was really awesome we had decided against medication and told me how he used to work in a lab that made the medicines and not to do it and all this stuff. I wasn’t really listening to him but it was cool to have someone supporting us. It was rare to have supporters. People told us horror stories of birthing and pregnancy. He was asking how we prepared for this, and why we did it, etc. Haha. Awesome guy, just bad timing to make new friends. Ya know?!

ANYWAY, at around 3pm, I knew they were intense and I knew I would be pushing soon. I went from an 8 to a 10cm in about an hour and I was ready to push. 4:00 pm. They called the doctor in and he didn’t answer so it was just me, daddy and our 2 nurses. It was actually really relieving to push. I had imagined that would be the hard part, but it was actually one of the best parts. I pushed once, they called the doctor again. Twice, daddy could see your head. Doctor is now running in putting on gloves and broke my water. Three times, (finally my competitive spirit + stubborness was coming in handy) YOU WERE OUT!!!!!!!! 4:07pm.

My body was shaking and tingling and I was crying and laughing and all emotions at once! They put you on my chest and my whole world made sense. Your precious cry, which stopped once you were on me. YOU CAME OUT OF MY BODY. Daddy cut your umbilical cord and they checked all your vitals with you on me, they only took you to weigh and you and get height. 7 pounds 3 ounces of darling! Your apgar was a 9! Sydney Love Vilchis you were named! WE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I had never felt so much love. We stayed with your for about an hour just us 3. I didn’t tear so I wasn’t in a lot of pain aside from just pushing a baby out of my vagina. Haha.

Then we decided to tell our family that you were here. We never announced that we were in labor so everyone came rushing down to come meet you and couldn’t believe you were here! Auntie Nora had been at our apartment this whole time so she came to meet you first! Then your aunee Michelle, cousins Jeffrey and Logan and uncle Atti. Your papa Vilchs, and aunt Aurora. Then momo! Uncle Michael came the next day. You were everything and anything I could have ever wanted my sweet girl. You looked so much like daddy and I kept calling you my little Latina! You had SO much hair, too!

You latched on pretty quickly and I was excited to feed you. It’s always amazed me that I can give nutrients to you from my body. How does God think of this stuff?! Then we laid in bed and talked about you and how beautiful you are. Everyone loving and kissing you!

Then Nora proceeded to take “selfies” of us…

At 6:00pm our small group leaders called to see if would be at small group and I answered my phone. Talk about being on a NATURAL HIGH! I told her, “No, we can’t make it, I just had Sydney!!!!” Haha. We always joke about it now.

Sydney, I hope that you grow big and strong. Your precious life is happening right before my eyes and I am embracing each and every new season. I will never regret the times that I crawl and chase you on the floor or the nights that I lose sleep from rolling over to nurse you. I am your mama. Your are my child. This will always be. Your size will not always be.

My love for you runs deep and my care for you is instinctive. Thank you for being born, for being you and for making this world beautiful because of your spirit. I’ll forever treasure and remember this day. Your birth day and mine too. The birth of a new life that I would come to know.

Love always,

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