For You, I Will

I wanted to write down the emotions that night; to remember how I felt. To remember how real it felt to miss someone so much that it literally ached the core of your soul. I

But I’m a Girl

photoThe other day, Sydney girl was playing ‘ring around the rosie’ with her uncle and then he turned the game into a chase! Playfully, he chased her and told her he was going to catch

On Living Gently

I’ve been walking a road of strength and battles and fighting through life. I’ve seen things that eyes should never witness and felt what few have. But I am reminded, this life isn’t about “I”.

Dear Miley | I Get You

Dear Miley, What’s up girl?! I just want to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the hate and attention and harsh words and comments you’ve gotten these past few days. You may be