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love + marriage


April 3, 2016


You and I. Me and you. Together. Intertwined by the days, in the moments of darkness, the midnight cries and caring for little bodies. And each others. Intertwined. Your feet meet mine. Your lips kiss mine. With the changes, and the chill of winter. With new spring and distances traveled. Our hands meet. Our fingers lock. Intertwined. Through long distance and airports, in sadness and in sickness. With many dollars and few dollars. We meet. We stay. We fight. For love. For each other. To remain intertwined. By each day, each hour, in every moment. Our hearts as one, our dreams as one, together as one. In triumphs and in tragedy. Intertwined we are, intertwined we’ll be.

love + marriage style

2 Years

December 25, 2013

I made a pact that I would wear my wedding dress every year. 2011: wore for wedding. 2012: wore for maternity shoot. 2013: this!

There is a house being built across the street from my moms and I figured we could take pictures there. It is a great analogy for our journey in our marriage. The foundation is built and the home is framed. We’ve experienced job loss, several moves, investments, death and the highs and lo’s of marriage all within our 3 years together, and 2 years married. I’m grateful for the these experiences that have helped us grow both personally and as a whole marriage. I look forward to building walls together, doors that will open and more. I love you precious husband. 2 years down, a lifetime to go! You are my heart.