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Baking with my Girls

November 7, 2016
















My girls and I made these yummy pumpkin chocolate chip energy balls twice this week and they love them and are great for on the go! Find the recipe here. (We also added chocolate Shaklee shake). We also baked 1/2 dozen of these coconut flour muffins and delivered them to our family by hand! It was so cute, the girls loved this evening. Happy November!

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Momming with Purpose

September 26, 2016


“Let’s be kind to ourselves, moms. Let’s be gentle in our expectations. Let’s admit that we need to treat ourselves like human beings who deserve to thrive. Let’s get more sleep and unplug. Let’s find a community of moms who encourage and inspire us–be it in our neighborhood or inside our laptop. The village has disappeared, so it’s up to us to rebuild it. And it is possible, I’ve seen it happen–little pockets of women who are choosing to make life easier and more beautiful for each other.

Let’s do all of this and watch the joy of motherhood come back into our lives.”

So grateful for these women who shared motherhood with transparency and love. What a wonderful team coming together for one beautiful commonality.

To view more photos, visit: Wanderluxe Events

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Right Here, Right Now

March 2, 2016


I want to relish these moments. The long days, but the short years. To open my hands in gratitude and breathe in the grace of a new day. To give of myself, but be filled by the One who knows and sees me most.

To live in joy and presence and gratitude for right here, right now.


Homeschool Co-Op

February 18, 2016

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This last fall, myself and two girl friends created a home school co-op group! We meet every Tuesday and follow the Before Five in a Row curriculum, well, mostly. Like anyone with preschoolers, we have had to reschedule due to sickness, laugh at the lack of attention span and rejoice in their little friendships made! We have even been brave enough to do a field trip. I’m so thankful for these mamas, their hearts, love for Jesus (we incorporate a Bible verse of the month) and these children of ours!