Deployment Diaries 1/6

So it’s been a month since Eric has been gone. I’m trying to put these memories into words so I don’t forget. The time has been going well. I am used to evenings without him and the girls are staying busy. Sydney is sweet and sensitive like Eric so a few times she has started crying and gently whispered, I miss daddy. Oh my heart. I have about one day a week that it feels exhausting. The time at night when I didn’t have anyone to wake up to go get medicine in the middle of the night or when I can’t send the girls with daddy to have a tickle party. Overall I am grateful for each day and relationships I’ve been given to build in his absence. I’m grateful Eric has connected with community there and found a men’s group and joined the church band playing drums. I don’t want to look back and hate each moment. I want to savor this life and each day that I am given.

Lettering by: Jordan Boesch

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