Deployment Diaries 2/6

Photo by Alyssa Armstrong

2/6 months, we are here! Now life is a bit more routine. The first month is always a transition of daddy away and the household chores that need be done. But it’s been a good month and we are always thankful for our village. People have invited us over to eat dinner, fixed our Jeep when it overheated, gone to park play dates, had family come with me while I do photo shoots, etc! Whoa, so grateful for community and God’s church. We try to have something to look forward to every month, so the girls have had fun in school a few days a week and will continue one more month and then have a break! I am taking a girl weekend for a night at the end of the month so that’ll be fun and of course Easter spending time with Eric’s family so we can talk about him (it’s always nice being with people who know and love that guy). That’s about it! No breakdowns or tantrums this month from my girls! Happy spring! Here we go, deployment! Almost half way done.

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