Thinking back on deployment 2017 and wanted to give honor to those who loved and carried us gals while Eric was away in Kuwait. All my love, honor and gratitude.

Mama: Her unending support and love to us.
Nora (sister): No words are big enough for how well you love the girls and our family. Missing work and not transferring jobs to be close to us.
´╗┐Alexander: Going to meet the person who bought Maxima at night with me. Haha. We survived!
Michael (brother): For loving us, holding me when I cried, lending car, lending trailer, breaking my window on accident (haha), getting girls summer swimming pool, etc.
Luke (brother): Bubba time! Riding bikes, daily visits, house yard work, installing patio lights, etc.
In Laws: Coming up to stay with girls.
Rory: Having them sleep over and mysteriously put them to sleep peacefully.
Michelle (sister): Sydney’s birthday ears pierced day! Plus a mani & pedi. Best aunee!
Cory: Random last minute baby sitting / comfort for girls, swimming time for them. They love your snakes!
Horton family: Letting us use trailer, Brett fixing Jeep, borrowing car when ours overheated, fixing sink, watching girls when I had a hair appointment, etc. Too much love.
Fields family: Praying for and with me.
Snell small group: Prayer and accountability.
Lisa + Mike: Air conditioner (breaker + air scrubber), furniture moving all the time back and forth. Haha.
Neighbor Tom: Figuring out breaker and lending us your lawn mower and making us feel safe!
Trevor (Brooke) + Brandon: Clearing out garage + mowing lawn last minute.
Angela: Visiting and our Carriage House day!
Christina: Visiting from out of town and sitting in the sun all day.
Debbie: Finding Eric HDC water bottle!
Lindsay: For sending his unit Girl Scout cookies!
Mindy: For peace and walks and talks.
Jessica: My honest friendship + movie date (vulnerability and acceptance and love) best friend.
Nanny Franny: For loving me and the girls and always gifting them with sweet treats.
Mia: Who lived with us and gave girls a fun season of loving you in our home. You are so fun and helpful and forever special to us, our beach girl.
Danielle: For loving the girls with gentleness and grace and always FUN!
Tereneh + Abby girl: For slow days and walks on the bridge.
Grace + Jeffrey: For your southern love and our sweet time in Kentucky for your union!
Logan: Getting couch and moving all the items! Haha.
Alex + Nolan: Mowing our lawn every week.
Miss Angela at Lakeside: Loving my Dallas Rain!
Katie: For helping with water crisis + play dates and friendship.
Hope: Sister shenanigans / coming to visit at open house! Haha.
Triston: For your hard word installing brick on our patio.
Christin: For being thoughtful and loving us (bringing Sydney a Starbucks treat for her birthday)!
Women’s Small group: New friendships and powerful prayer.

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