Sin on Blast

I’ve read the Book. From cover to cover. But likewise, when I was 16 someone gave me a different book of law, told me to read it, took a test and I was handed a drivers license. I have broken that law several times, too.

I know I don’t owe anyone any such explanation because the Book that I know full and well tells me that my salvation is based on the grace of my Redeemer and the forgiveness of my Father. It tells me that my God is greater than my faults and that my future is in the hands of the Potter.

I have walked down endless roads in which I saw no light. I have been buried by the reactions and the snarls of their voices once before. I have fallen victim to the lies that giving up is easier than pressing forward.

For what is yet to be and what currently is, I will leave no Creator to shake a head of disapproval but rather, I know that in spite of my reality I walk confidently forward with my eyes fixed on Heaven to reclaim what has already been done for me.



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