The Unseen

I was thinking a lot about the lives we portray. Deep within us is the realization that we aren’t all that we seem. Because at the end of the day, in our own homes and lives and closed doors are the unseen moments. The good and the bad. The birthday parties that are celebrated, sitting on the floor while children are sleeping and blowing up surprise balloons for the morning. Long bike rides and conversations about religion and money and Jesus and absolute truth. There are tears in a bedroom and knees that fall to the floor. There is holding hands with a friend as tears stream down her face. There is restoration and flat faith. There is money given to strangers and choices made too rashly. There are laying on the couch with children piled on top. There are moments when my child is so close to my face in joy and laughter that I dare not stop to take a photo. So intimate and true. This life that we have been given. The days and hours pass and with each day anew, a chance to give and love and forgive once more. In the the seen and the unseen.

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