Top 5 Tiny Home Questions Answered + A Tiny Home Tour

1. What were the first steps you took towards pursuing a tiny home? My husband and I are HUGE fans of tiny homes but we have no where near the savings needed for starting on something like this. It feels like such a long-term goal.

For us, we like change. It wasn’t scary or something we talked about for years. We lived in a 4 bedroom home that we were renting and realized how little we were home, were overwhelmed by JUNK and wanted something different. I was online one day and saw them and never looked back! We prayed on it for a few weeks, talked to our landlords at the time (who ended up being able to sell the house in a short time) and took that as peace about moving forward with our decision. We moved in with my mama for 4 months and paid for labor and interior customization during that time with cash.

2. What are things you got rid of that you realize you didn’t even need? What was the hardest part about downsizing your possessions to fit in your space?

I was actually pretty excited about this part! We gave a lot of stuff away, had 2 yard sales and definitely realized how little we need to actually live. Eric grew up in a pretty small home, and I have been to many countries and cities of poverty and know how obnoxiously spoiled and overwhelmed we are in parts of America. We obviously aren’t high maintenance people or we wouldn’t be doing this. Haha. The hardest part was not having a closet, but we got creative; our stuff is in an armoire and we got a vintage chest with 2 layers for Sydney’s toddler clothes and accessories.

3. Love your decorating style, I’m intrigued to see how your tiny home is eloquently dressed up (because, I’m assuming, less = more?!?)

Thank you! I haven’t run into any decorating problems. I tried to make rooms a little different since they are all close by. For example, we did a faux brick wall for our “kitchen area” and did bathroom door in chalk paint. We also did a pallet wall for “entry way”, and so on. Haha. It’s been fun decorating and feeling like I am able to do more and purchase things I love since it’s just one large room as opposed to decorating multiple.

4. Do you always visit other people or party outside? Do you feel like you can be welcoming to visitors?

Yes! Because we live on acres of gorgeous land, it’s so great having visitors, and most of the time people want to spend outside anyway! We have benches, tables and chairs outside and thankfully we live in Southern California where the weather is beautiful about 90% of the year! We’ve hosted 3 events already, and one night it was pretty chilly, but we did a bon fire and gathered around. I bought about 10 blankets that I have on hand in case we are outside and cold. We can comfortably fit about 6-8 people inside. :)

5. Did you buy land? And did you build your home or buy a pre-built one?

No, because our home is mobile (built on a trailer on wheels), we aren’t sure of how often we would want to move and the permanency of buying land was, well too permanent for us in this season. We rent the land we live on for a very fair wage and can move it at any time we wish. We don’t have a lease.

We bought the home as a frame. It had windows, doors and exterior walls built on trailer. My husband and our trustworthy friend Sean, a few other professionals (plumbing + electricity) came and finished insulation, flooring, electricity, paneling, painting, etc. It was a big project that was done in about 4 months!

What other questions can you think of?! Thank you for taking this adventure with us! It’s been a journey!


Photos by: Desiree Shuey

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  1. So glad I found you tonight via the wiegands link up! I’m so curious about your tiny house living and can’t wait to read more on your blog. We are adding a fifth child to our home any day now but I still long for a simpler setting for our family and am dreaming/planning of a home less cluttered and less about stuff. Lovely photos!