Nice to Meet You, I'm Aurora





Thanks for visiting and browsing! In case you couldn’t tell, I love helping where I may! With ten years of experience I work with businesses to help build a brand, create content and launch your website to further your dream and goals! Whether you need a logo, social media content, brand photos or a business website launched, I’m here to help!


Get To Know Aurora

Favorite Travel Spot:   Boulder, CO

Can’t Live Without:   Food and water, literally.

Must Have Accessory:   Earrings, always!

Life quote:   “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr.

Describe yourself in one Word:  Visionary.

Secret Talent:   Singing in the shower.

Kate Merrick

“When do we stop pining for someone else’s life and own ours? When do we look around at our people, our social status, our giftings, and say, “Yes! Bring it on Lord. How will you use me here?”

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