How We Travel with a Toddler

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Sydney girl has become quite the traveler in her little 2 1/2 years of life! She’s been to 7 different states and 12 different flights! I pretty much think she is bound to be an ambassador how much she loves and converses with people of all shapes, race and size! I know life with a toddler is never easy, but it is a cool time of their life and development as well so I thought I’d share some tips that have helped!

#1. Take snacks
This is helpful for moms too. The last few times I’ve flown with Sydney it was just her and I so I didn’t have an extra set of eyes. It helped so much to simply bring our own snacks on our carry on baggage so that while we waited for the plane, en route and all of the other downtime no one was grumpy for not eating AND we don’t have to spend $19 on a bag of trail mix at the airport. ;) Here are our top 3 favorite snacks:
a. Squeeze Pouches
b. Bananas
c. Almonds + Dried Coconut Slices

#2. Let them explore
Sydney loved talking to other travelers and asking them who they were going to visit and she also wanted to explore the books, belts and bathroom once on the plane. I let her do all of that so she can learn first hand of people, personalities and what traveling is as a whole. At the airport we walked and exercised while waiting for boarding to begin so we could get all of our movement out of the way before sitting for an extended amount of time. She met so many sweet people and a member of first class gave his snack pack to Sydney girl on one flight because she’s so charismatic. The world is awesome. ;)

#3. Bring activities
I’m not an anti-technology mama. I absolutely believe everything used in moderation and responsibility is healthy for all / any device and age of user is appropriate. There are some amazing apps and learning tools that we used on the iPad during travel and it helped to not have to pack so much extra baggies or toys in addition to our luggage. Learning can be received in many different forms and I love that our children get to have such experiences at their fingertips. It is through the yearning for the world through their eyes that will give them the courage to go out and seek adventure as their lives mature! Here are our top 3 free apps:
a. Bible for Kids
b. Paint Sparkle
c. Bubbles