August 21, 2014

Watts Wedding Fun | A Family Affair

Back in October my sister friend got married at the most darling back yard wedding in southern California! We have been friends since we were wee lads so it was such a special event. It was so much fun. I got to be her matron of honor, Sydney girl was a flower girl and Eric was the DJ! I just had to share these photos that I love and cherish from her beautiful day and marriage to Wes! I love you both so much and so glad I got to be a part of your beautiful day and love story. We danced the night away, no really, Sydney would NOT leave the dance floor. Enjoy these photos!

2014-08-21_0002 2014-08-21_0003 2014-08-21_0004 2014-08-21_0005 2014-08-21_00012014-08-21_0006 2014-08-21_0007 2014-08-21_0009 2014-08-21_0010 2014-08-21_0011 2014-08-21_0012 2014-08-21_0013 2014-08-21_0014 2014-08-21_0015 2014-08-21_0016 2014-08-21_0017 2014-08-21_0018 2014-08-21_0019 2014-08-21_0020 2014-08-21_0021 2014-08-21_0022 2014-08-21_0023 2014-08-21_0024 2014-08-21_0025 2014-08-21_0026 2014-08-21_0028 2014-08-21_0030 2014-08-21_0031 2014-08-21_0032 2014-08-21_0033 2014-08-21_0036 2014-08-21_0037 2014-08-21_0038 2014-08-21_0039 2014-08-21_0040 2014-08-21_0041

Photography by: Daniel Cruz

August 19, 2014

She Bangs, She Bangs

I’m definitely not a beauty expert but when my friend Christina tricked me with new bangs and they were gone the next day, I had to do my own! I made impulsive decisions one too many times and hated that waiting time for bangs to grow out after a late night snipity snip.

I give you…clip in bang extensions!

I got these about a year and use them often! I ordered them from QVC and totally love them. Happy banging, your hair that is.