September 13, 2014

But I’m a Girl



The other day, Sydney girl was playing ‘ring around the rosie’ with her uncle and then he turned the game into a chase! Playfully, he chased her and told her he was going to catch her and eat her for dinner. We all play it with her and she giggles and runs and hides and screams. On this particular day she pleaded, “but I’m a girl, don’t eat me!” The depth of her words rang more true than I can utter and the lessons I hope to teach will be in abundance. But to her statement I have to give such advice:

Since I became your mama and loved on you from your very first breath, I plead, ‘but I’m a girl’ and I was able to give birth to you.

The weeks that followed that day lead to late night cries and my body that fed and nourished yours, to such I plead, ‘but I am a girl’ and was capable of the keeping you alive.

As you grew older, I watched and I cried and I taught and I sweat and I exhausted my efforts and prayed on hard days and laughed at harder ones. To being a full time mama, I plead, ‘but I’m girl’ and I was thankful.

On days like today, I take you for a walk and as you run and explore and go much further away from me than is comfortable I am proud that you are brave and that you seek adventure and to that I tell you; but you are a girl and the role of such can move mountains and influence others and you can give kindness and spread goodness and the depth of your soul will surely shake the world, my girl. Don’t ever forget the significance of your voice and all of who you are.

To this I plead.

September 6, 2014

Welcome to the World Baby Brielle

Last weekend I got to throw a fun little welcome to the world party for sweet soul sister friend Caryn and their new baby girl Brielle! We love their family so much and loved this day. We rented the Oh, Hello Friend studio in Fullerton and decorated colorful! We did it at brunch time so had donuts, DIY parfaits, orange juice, and more! Just a sweet intimate morning with our precious Fields family, friends and lots of love. Here’s some photos. I never got around to shooting photos of guests because we played some silly games, but I promise there were guests. ;)
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Custom Watercolor Invites by: Kati Ramer
Party Hats + HAPPY sign: Oh Joy! for Target
Vintage Chairs: Oh, Hello Friend
Straws, plates, mason jars: Target
Utencils, colorful cups, table covers: 99 Cent Only Store